The Quantum Healer

Hosted by Dr. Tracey L. Ulshafer

The Quantum Healer

Everything is energy. We are energy. Everything from our organs, bones and muscles to our thoughts and emotions, are energy. And just as the human person has many layers to their being, true healing requires an integrated approach that works within the full spectrum of the quantum field where we can tap into the frequency of health and well-being.

Join Reverend Doctor, Tracey L. Ulshafer, as she explores various holistic healing modalities and pathways that have assisted in her own life and healing journey. Each one of The Quantum Healer shows spotlights a different new technology or ancient practice as Dr. Tracey personally experiences each, and shares her thoughts and feelings, as well as quantifiable positive changes, so that you may uncover ways that may assist in your own healing.

Dr. Tracey founded One Yoga and Wellness Center in 2000. She is an experienced yoga teacher and school, Reiki Master, NJ Licensed Massage Therapist, Doctor of Ministry, Interfaith Minister, Shamanic Practitioner, World Traveler and Quantum Healer.

As health issues and costs continue to rise, more people are seeking alternative therapies to assist in their healing. Join the growing number of people who are looking to find lasting healing from injuries, and chronic conditions. Tune in to The Quantum Healer on CNJN.

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