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Introducing Free by Design
Introducing Free by Design

Have you ever looked around and thought to yourself, “How did I get here?” Are you tired of living your life on auto-pilot, struggling to get through each day? Ready to burn your never-ending “to do” list and create a life you love? Then it’s time to break free and live life on your terms! It’s time to intentionally create your authentic life—a life that’s free by design!

If you’re ready to become the architect of your life—ready to make powerful and lasting changes—then you’ve come to the right place! Join host Ellie Shefi each week on Free by DesignTM as she chats with trailblazers, opportunity creators, and industry-leading experts who will share with you actionable tools, resources, and strategies that you can use to create a joyful, abundant, life you love.

Ellie is the ideal host to guide you on your journey to a life free by design. A domestic violence and cancer survivor, she has struggled financially, lived in her car, and eaten the food restaurants were throwing away at the end of the night. And yet, despite those events and circumstances, she learned to take back her power and intentionally create a life she loves! Ellie is now an attorney, entrepreneur, #1 international best-selling and award-winning author and publisher, featured speaker, teacher, trainer, mentor, media host, consultant, coach, and philanthropist. Ellie has been forged by fire but she is free by design.

Tune in each week and begin to live life on your own terms! It’s time to begin to live a life that’s Free by DesignTM!

About Our Host

Daisy Newson

Daisy was born in New Jersey and raised in Brazil from the age of two, until she was a teenager, when her family returned to United States. She speaks fluent Portuguese, Spanish and English. Growing up in a country where seniors are treated with respect and great care, Daisy watched and helped her family care for their grandparents and great-grandparents. She understands the need for patience, love and compassion and can relate to the stress involved in caring for elders.

With that passion for helping seniors and their families, Daisy has been working and volunteering in the senior care field for over 20-years; working directly with families, by listening, answering questions, and recommending placement or services to improve overall quality of life. She has been committed to building relationships and providing exceptional service and going above and beyond the call of duty to support families at one their greatest times of need.

Daisy majored in Marketing and minored in Business Administration and certainly uses this education to help her community today. She is a proud member of some of the following organizations: Alzheimer’s Association, Ronald McDonald House, United Way, American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity as well as various Veteran’s groups, Hospitals and Hospice programs. Daisy has been the proud recipient of numerous customer service, sales, volunteerism, not-for-profit and community-based awards.

Currently living in peaceful Princeton, NJ with her husband, they are proud parents of three children, and now grandparents to a beautiful granddaughter. Daisy is currently a member of The Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce and The Present Day Club, also in Princeton. Her favorite hobbies include decorating, creating beautiful spaces, traveling, and dining out.

Mike & Gabi Johnson

Mike and Gabi Johnson have an extensive multi-media background and are the Creators and Owners of (the 1st all-video all-local website) and – now the largest all-local social media broadcasting websites and all-local social video networks in New Jersey. These all-video websites average over 3.4 million hits per month and feature over 22,000 videos of the people, businesses, places, events, charities, economy, education, and culture of the Princeton and Mercer County areas.

In addition to the websites, which include the ‘Independent Businesses’; and ‘Central NJ Real Estate’ pages of the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce, Mike and Gabi also created two hugely distributed online social networking/sharing video newsletters: The Princeton Mercer Local Influencers™ and The Princeton Mercer Buy Local Connection™, which is co-presented and promoted by the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Those two ‘VPods’ promote everything Princeton-Mercer and spawned the creation of the two shows on CNJN: Mercer Local Influencers™ and Mercer Buy Local Connection™. The 2 shows are currently Sponsored by the Mercer County Office of Economic Development.

Gabi is Co-Host of two CNJN TV shows, TheGab TV Show and Mercer Buy Local Connection™. She is also Correspondent and Producer/Editor for Mercer Local Influencers™ and Mercer Buy Local Connection™. Gabi serves on the Board of CNJN and as Chair of the CNJN Programming Committee.

Mike is the Executive Producer/Director of both CNJN shows, along with Tom McManimon of StimulusBrand.

Mike and Gabi have also filmed, directed, and produced hundreds of videos for merchants, businesses, and events in our local communities, including over 70 in the Zoom-filmed popular video series during the height of the Pandemic shutdown: ‘The Show Must Go On’.