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Carla Spinelli has always been a caring and wonderful mother to her two handsome boys: Giacomo and Angelo. However, her life takes a crazy spin when she finds out that her husband of several years decides to leave her for his young receptionist. And Carla doesn't really know where to turn to find comfort. So she finally decides to confide in the least likely person that she ever thought that she would, her mother: Rosalina Pantoro, or as everyone calls her "Mama Rosalina:' Mama Rosalina assures Carla that everything will be okay. She tells Carla to sell the house, and move in with her. Well, sparks begin to fly when situations arise that cause Carla and her mother to really "butt heads!" This makes living together a bit more complex than Carla could have ever really imagined!!

Stay tuned for the hilarious new comedy that will leave you laughing out loud, wanting more, and eager to become a "part of the FAMILY!!"

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Ty Robinson is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERâ„¢ professional his goal is to understand what’s important to his clients, establish a process that works towards their goals, while partnering together to help keep them on track. Ty’s purpose is to improve the financial lives of the clients, business owners, & communities he serves, by focusing on their financial strategies. His team’s focus is serving the needs of clients who are serious, long-term investors. They believe a financial strategy coupled with a well-diversified portfolio of quality investments, aligned with a clients goals & risk tolerance, will produce the most success over time.