Clear Speak

How we perceive the future is how we prepare for it

Introducing Clear Speak TV

Clear Speak TV

Expand your perceptions around what’s possible for 2022 and beyond with Jeanette Wolfe, ND, IP and Cultural Commentator Drethun Goettel, partners at Planet Apothecary LLC 

As a global trend specialist, business innovation strategist, entrepreneur, author, wellness expert, speaker, farmer and Chief Experience Officer of the west coast's largest multifamily real estate development group, Jeanette combines human behavior and future studies to mentor, create community and master classes. 

Jeanette joins CNJN as she hosts clients & colleagues who've experienced the power of applying Clear Speak perspectives for you to explore as you live, learn and work. Tune in and build the clarity and courage required to cultivate today's shifting landscapes into a flourishing and fulfilling future. 

Clear Speak supports your focused awareness, neutrality, self-actualization and your knowing that you are the author of your experience, and easy creation. Clear Speak is a simple and powerful practice that makes research in brain science and spiritual principles easy to use in creating the life you love and build the mindset required to make tomorrow more abundant than you ever imagine today. 

Introducing Clear Speak TV