Have you taken the path "they" told you to take? Are you living life on auto-pilot? Does each day seem like an unfulfilled groundhog day? Today's guest followed the path set out for her by others and appeared to have it all - a successful corporate job, a handsome husband, a gorgeous home, and a beautiful family! However, she realized that she was not living her dreams or fulfilling her true purpose. Tune in as Kate Butler chats with host Ellie Shefi about how she took control of her life, chartered her own course, and began to live life on her own terms. Today, Kate is a multiple #1 international best-selling author and publisher, and the host of the "Where All Things Are Possible" television show and the "On Air with Kate Butler" podcast. She is the creator of the Inspired Impact book series and the President and CEO of Kate Butler Books, which has published over 300 #1 international best-selling authors. Kate is also the creator of The Soulful Celebrity, a one-stop media shop dedicated to enhancing your credibility, increasing your visibility, and leveraging your message to scale your impact and income. If you’re looking for ways to take control of your life’s path, then this episode is for you!