Performances by Boxcar Hex, Andrew Nieporent, Jeffrey Starbuck and Zuko, Phillips, Cohn, & Starr Boxcar Hex - Singer - Songwriter A self-described “moron with a guitar and a big mouth,” Boxcar Hex has long followed the music down many winding roads. His songs are open and honest, with tongue planted firmly in the cheek. Combining witty lyrics with catchy melodies, Boxcar Hex is an artist lost in time, molded in life, and out to bring a smile to audiences. BoxcarHex.com Andrew Nieporent - ​​Folk-Infused Singer - Songwriter Andrew is equally comfortable solo and as the frontman of his band, the Valentines, and open to collaboration with others. Mostly acoustic but electric-curious. Host of the Fine Grind Open Mic Night. Veteran of thousands of local shows and open mics. Hardcore fan of Bruce Springsteen, Cat Stevens, Tom Waits, and Conor Oberst. Flattered to sometimes be aurally mistaken for John Darnielle, Colin Meloy, and Jeff Mangum. crazyworks.bandcamp.com Jeffrey Starbuck - Poet Poet, psychotherapist, spiritual mentor and “Renaissance healer,” Jeffrey C. Starbuck’s first volume of collected poetry masterfully weaves together “the four corners of existence” as it uncovers the common thread of truth – that “unrecorded yet definite resonance” – running through all the world’s sacred traditions. Jeffrey read several poems from his Snapshots in Eternity--Stitching Together the Four Corners of Existence during an impromptu performance at Cafe Improv. Zuko, Phillips, Cohn, & Starr - Harmonious Quartet Described as a "harmonious, melodic, acoustic joy" since their formation in the spring of 2021, the group has been playing to audiences throughout New Jersey, and is thrilled to be part of the Improv lineup. Talented gals Erica Cohn and Jen Starr have been singing together since the 90's, and guitarists Jeff Phillips and Michael Zuko have been at it just as long. Their combined forces are what you'll see tonight!