Membership Privileges: How CNJN Changes The World

Peter Crowley couldn’t find television programming about one basic need: personal finance. So, he started his own TV show on CNJN. “We make money management basic for everyone to understand,” said Crowley, who recruited wealth management advisor Deborah J. Frazier to co-host MoneyThoughts. “We could not find a good reliable show that discussed how to […]

Support CNJN TV: How It Pays Us Back

Public access television, such as Central New Jersey Network, gives plenty to the communities that it serves. But it needs help from its viewers to support its mission of providing unique, high-quality programming. Financial support from viewers is a lifeblood for CNJN, which ensures its ability to create new opportunities for learning, education and expression. […]

Public Access TV: Why You Need Us

Public-access television has been an outlet for different thoughts through the years. In the ‘80’s, Saturday Night Live created a famous parody that captured the unexpected entertainment value of “Wayne’s World” that featured two guys and their public-access show in their basement in Aurora, Illinois. The fictional show was hosted by Wayne Campbell, played by […]

A Hit New Show: The Gab

At CNJN, we focus on three pillars; Engage, Inform, and Entertain. CNJN’s inaugural programming features, The Gab. The talk-show is hosted by four dynamic women: Gabi Johnson, Esther Tanez, Melissa Tenzer and Dr. Joan Coleman. They discuss worldly topics occurring in our daily lives impacting our community. Tune into The Gab LIVE at Noon every […]

Top Ten at CNJN

What a way to start 2022! Even though it was a fast month, our viewers did not disappoint in watching our online videos. Today, we announce to you our Top 10 Online Videos of January 2022.   Highest-Ranking Video: We the People We the People, January 22nd episode is a 34-minute episode featuring PA State […]