As a successful business owner and philanthropist, Melissa Tenzer knew she needed to build a strong sense of community to make both parts of her life thrive.

So, she got herself a show on CNJN TV.

“I am known in the community for more than 20 years, but the show gives me a platform like no other venue,” said Tenzer, who is CEO of staffing agency CareersUSA and CEO of nonprofit Dress for Success Central NJ. “The station has helped me network and connect with topics outside of my charity work. Planning a show helps you keep a pulse on everything related to community, current events, and wellness. I also like to mentor students and youth, and the station’s goals, in that respect, align with mine perfectly.”

Like Tenzer, more entrepreneurs throughout Central Jersey are taking notice of the value-add that CNJN TV provides when it comes to building communities, which is a lifeblood for any business owner.

Tenzer serves as co-host to The Gab, which was designed to be a signature work for the rebranded CNJN. Co-host Gabi Johnson, who is CEO of FitFabAndWellTube, a local video platform for wellness, fitness and health, as well as programming chair for CNJN TV, said the show is a live, panel discussion about hot topics with entertaining, “real” talk about the community.

“CNJN is special because it provides a valuable and unique service that helps our community members to be seen by their community,” Johnson said. “It also opens doors to creativity and broadcasting in a way that will not be otherwise approachable if one wanted to broadcast on some other cable and streaming outlets.”

Yearly CNJN memberships include access to the station’s field and studio equipment. Members also receive discounts on CNJN classes and workshops, voting privileges at the annual meeting, along with timely announcements regarding CNJN events and networking opportunities.

The pricing for CNJN membership is very affordable, said Johnson, who co-hosts a second show, Mercer Buy Local Connection, with entrepreneurial-minded Daisy Newson.

“Having owned and operated businesses myself, I understand the value of community support,” said Newson, who helped start the show in March 2022. “The idea of helping local businesses is very rewarding. I love to see others succeed.

She added: “There is great power in personal connections. As we move around Mercer County and visit with local merchants, we develop new partners and new friends to network with and give referrals. The show has given me the opportunity to ‘get to know the story’ behind every business owner. Some have humble beginnings, and it is fascinating to learn of their growth.”

Johnson said CNJN TV has helped her own business. She uses the two shows as content to feed her social media channels, which helps build her profile in the community.

“The shows have helped us to grow and make wonderful additional contact and touchpoints within our communities,” Johnson said. “I use the show to promote on my own social media, keeping a voice out there with short, real content to and It has helped me to establish great relationships, as well as being recognized as the host of the The Gab and Mercer Buy Local Connection, which are truly appreciated by our Central New Jersey communities.”

CNJN programming delivers a valuable audience to entrepreneurs, reaching a potential 100 million viewers in the region. The programming is featured on its website at, and it may be accessed over Comcast Channels 28 and 30 in Princeton and Channels 43 and 45 on Verizon FIOS throughout Mercer County. CNJN shows are also carried by streaming services, such as Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire.

Newson said CNJN TV can help grow businesses. She has witnessed it first-hand.

“There is power in television,” Newson said. “Local television provides guaranteed growth in brand recognition, which is key to building a successful business. CNJN TV is a wonderful group of professionals who are all working toward the same goal. The goal is to provide a resource for local talent, creative minds and interesting professionals to create and deliver shows to local communities and beyond. We are growing together every day.”

As more businesses plan to reclaim their full marketing spend in 2023, Johnson said entrepreneurs should take advantage of CNJN TV as another marketing tool in their budget. “Life is short,” Johnson said. “Take your dream to the next level and join our community of talented developers, producers, hosts and filmmakers. We will help you all the way through to craft your message and extend it to the right audience. Live in the present—start now!”

Tenzer also recommends CNJN TV as a hub where you can build your entire brand around, spreading your message to many audiences in many places.

“CNJN gives local and regional people the opportunity to have a voice weekly locally or nationally,” she said. “The content is original and informative with topics that impact us all. You can learn how to produce with experts in the field. Take the time to start your own show. It is a positive experience with no downside! Just do it. You will find it amazingly rewarding.”