A quote by Deborah J. Frazier on a blue background

Peter Crowley couldn’t find television programming about one basic need: personal finance.

So, he started his own TV show on CNJN.

“We make money management basic for everyone to understand,” said Crowley, who recruited wealth management advisor Deborah J. Frazier to co-host MoneyThoughts. “We could not find a good reliable show that discussed how to manage your money, your finances and basically how to plan your financial life. We are educating communities—from investing, maintaining and utilizing it as you expand your lifestyle.”

Niche programming is one example how CNJN changes the world by offering unique content to fill the needs of a specific community, free from the approval of ratings and network executives.

The duo has interviewed John Harmon, who is founder, president and CEO of the African American Chamber of Commerce, which ranked #1 in the Top 10 most viewed shows for the month. MoneyThoughts has also featured guests, such as Dr. Rev. DeForest Soaries, Jr., and Tim Sullivan, who is CEO at the New Jersey Economic Development Authority. (Expect to see more shows ranked in the Top 10 soon.)

Crowley, who is also vice chair of the CNJN board, said the show continues to be well received by audiences. “So far the show has been a success in that it is one of the more highly viewed CNJN television shows,” he said. “Finding alternative ways to help individuals and families manage their money is very gratifying for both Deborah and me. The feedback from individuals has been very positive.”

Being part of something bigger than yourself is another way CNJN helps change the world by giving community members an opportunity to be heard.

“Deborah and I have both walked away from our shows realizing how important unbiased and transparent advice on money is and that it is helpful to our audience,” Crowley added. “We believe that our approach to money and helping families better understand how to manage their money is important in today’s environment.”


CNJN Gives Unique Content A Voice

However, money isn’t the only topic discussed on CNJN. The station’s programming runs the gamut to appeal to a wide variety of audiences. The impressive lineup includes: The Gab, R & B Bistro, Open Source, The Geeta Chopra Show, Cafe Improv, Empathy in Action, New Beginnings, Positive Energy, I Am Not Cancer, Storyline, Back Story, Profonde TV, Clear Speak, The Tom & Doug Show, Eric Mintel Investigations, Real Talk on Racism, as well as local, national and international news.

All CNJN programming is featured on its website at www.cnjn.org and may be accessed over Comcast Channels 28 and 30 in Princeton and Channels 43 & 45 on Verizon FIOS throughout Mercer County. Programs are also carried by streaming organizations: Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire, reaching a potential audience of over 100 million viewers.

Yearly CNJN memberships are available in levels to fit everyone’s needs. Benefits include access to CNJN field and studio equipment, making programs for broadcast, discounts on CNJN classes and workshops, voting privileges at the annual meeting, timely announcements of special programs and CNJN events, and networking with other members.


CNJN Brings Community Together

Creating true connections within the community is another example of how CNJN changes the world—one person, one relationship at a time. There is immense value in expressing different perspectives, as well as bringing people together. In Central Jersey, CNJN is the platform.

“I consider producing and hosting MoneyThoughts as a way for me to give back to the community,” Frazier said. “It also personally allows me to reach out and interact with leaders in the community to provide an additional platform for them to disseminate information and knowledge that is/could be very helpful to individuals, business owners and nonprofit organizations, not only in our region but all over the country.”

Like CNJN, other public, educational and governmental access services became the hub for local news and information during the pandemic, according to a report from the Center for Media and Social Impact.

But you don’t need a disaster to take advantage of CNJN. With a public-access station in the region, any corporation or nonprofit can tell their story. Any expert can share their time and talent with their community.

The only question that remains: Are you ready to let CNJN change your world?

Crowley said it’s not about “one day,” it’s about Day One.

“DO SOMETHING NOW! You may not get a second chance,” he said. “There are knowledgeable individuals in our community who can use CNJN television to show their skills, advance intellectual documentaries, highlight plays and other forms of entertainment.

“CNJN television will broadcast your content, or you can have CNJN television partner and help you produce your own show content, or you can demonstrate a unique skill that you might have,” he added. “CNJN television also provides a platform for dialogue among individual with different points of view, platforms for elected officials to show how they are helping their constituents and just plain-talk show formats that help us learn from listening.”

Of course, immortality isn’t a bad value-add with CNJN programming.

“I consider my show as part of my professional legacy—the shows will last forever!” said Frazier with a smile. Having your own show is a wonderful opportunity to promote information that is important to you.  It’s also, so much FUN!  I love filming our show and the feedback I receive is very rewarding!”