At CNJN, we focus on three pillars; Engage, Inform, and Entertain. CNJN’s inaugural programming features, The Gab. The talk-show is hosted by four dynamic women: Gabi Johnson, Esther Tanez, Melissa Tenzer and Dr. Joan Coleman. They discuss worldly topics occurring in our daily lives impacting our community. Tune into The Gab LIVE at Noon every Thursday on Central New Jersey Network over Comcast channels 28 & 30, FIOS channels 43 & 45, on Facebook, or where you can access multiple streaming services.

But first, let’s dive deeper into The Gab by asking each of the hosts a few questions about their time at CNJN and how they feel about their show.

Gabi Johnson

The host of The Gab, Gabi Johnson, producer of and Her businesses are video streaming sites that are geared towards health, beauty and wellness, and local information, respectively. When asked how her time has been at CNJN, Gabi said, “Absolutely awesome! As a Board Trustee on the Programing Committee, I find that all our Board members at CNJN are amazing, creative, and so valuable to the new direction of our station! I would like to extend my thanks to Tom McManimon who created the beautiful new CNJN logos for the station and The Gab, and more of his wonderful marketing expertise, and to our super marketing team at CMA who is doing incredible work in revamping our website and social media platforms.” Both her and her husband previously worked with PCTV (rebranded to CNJN) and would rent video equipment for their video platform, Johnson said, “We became members and rented all kinds of cameras, lights, sound, and editing equipment… It was so easy to rent, pickup, and return.  Because even when you have your own equipment, you always need more – you’re always missing something, so the one-stop shopping at the station made it easy and user-friendly. and George and the people at the station were always a phenomenal help to us!” Gabi is thrilled to help engage, inform and entertain as well as to see our marketing extensions! 


Esther Tanez

Esther Tanez is the CEO and Founder of Estir, Inc., a local insurance agency established in 1999. Tanez was a previous customer of CNJN and would record her commercials and shows at the station. When asked what inspired her to join the show, she said, “When Gabi came to me with the idea of starting a show of all diverse women for women, I thought the idea was excellent and immediately wanted to be a part of something new. The thought of bringing topics that help women really intrigued me and is part of my personal mission: to empower, inspire and share information with women.” Esther is very excited for the fresh start for CNJN and to see the new vision! 


Melissa Tenzer

Melissa Tenzer is the CEO of Dress for Success, Central New Jersey. Dress for Success is a non-profit organization that works to empower women across Central New Jersey by providing professional attire and development tools to help women thrive in the workplace and their daily lives. Melissa discussed her time at CNJN with us, saying, “Having a platform to inspire women and help non-profits raise awareness is why this station resonates with me personally and professionally. I have a voice as a woman leader that everyday people can relate too.” Melissa also discussed one of the parts of the CNJN rebrand she is most excited for. Melissa stated, “The reach into a broader audience is why the rebranding of CNJN was ingenious. I cover a few states as the CEO of a non-profit and I want my viewership to reflect that footprint. The leadership of the station has grown over the years immensely. To work with strong producers in the field of journalism makes the experience of co-hosting exciting.” Melissa is looking forward to continuing working with the station and The Gab! 


Dr. Joan Coleman

Dr. Joan Coleman is the CEO/Founder of Let Me Be Me LLC, a program to inspire confidence in women. When asked about her experience with the TV station, Dr. Coleman said “My time at CNJN has been fantastic. George is welcoming and makes it easy for us to do the job at hand.” The reasoning behind why she chose this station, “I’m not sure if I chose CNJN or if CNJN chose me.  A few years ago, I joined CNJN (formerly Princeton TV) as a new business owner and content provider. I even took a couple of classes. Years later, I’m back on the Gab Show! When asked to be a part of it, I was elated. A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to be a part of the rebranding efforts from Princeton TV to CNJN. The part of the rebranding that excited me the most was being a part of something great.” Dr. Coleman is excited for her role in The Gab and can’t wait to continue working in her area of the field while empowering women on a larger scale!  


Each of the ladies can’t wait to continue to help empower women and have a platform where they can speak about current insights at CNJN. Come join our ladies at The Gab every Thursday on Comcast channels 28 & 30, FIOS channels 43 & 45, on Facebook, or Join and get involved with CNJN to watch more additional exciting programs at